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We’re currently through an unbelievable heatwave in the UK, reaching the hottest August day for seventeen years last week! The Met Office even logged our third hottest day on record a couple of weeks ago, a stunning 37.8°c. While many people have flocked to the beach and the coast to cope with the heat, what we need to know is how can we beat the heat when we’re stuck indoors. Luckily, Tidmarsh has the answers for you! Read on for tips and tricks to keep cool when you’re at home.

Up to 30% of unwanted heat actually enters your home through your windows, so this is the best place to start when trying to cool down your home. Blocking out the sunshine is the number one thing to help keep your home at a much more enjoyable temperature. The Department of Energy actually says that utilising window coverings effectively can reduce heat gain by up to a massive 77%!

In more specific terms, the London South Bank University carried out a study to find the effect that internal and external blinds have on the temperature of your home. During the study, they discovered that External Blinds could reduce the temperature of a room by between 11°c and 18°c, and Internal Blinds by between 9°c and 13°c. What a simple but incredibly effective way to cool your home down! The study also estimated that up to 20% of homes in the UK are suffering from overheating – so make sure that yours isn’t one of them. Effective solar shading will improve your health and wellbeing, while also reducing the energy usage of any fans and air conditioning, saving you money.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into some of the best ways to shield your home from the sun and keep the temperature cool.

Solar Shading by blinds, shutters or awnings has been proven to increase your comfort, health, wellbeing and productivity. The right solution for your windows and doors will maximise natural daylight, reduce glare and filter daylight, and reduce overheating. This is all while using less energy and producing less running costs, thereby giving you the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. According to a study by Cambridge University, an electric fan left running overnight uses enough energy to power a laptop computer for an entire year; blinds and shutters are an investment that will provide cost reducing solutions for years to come.

One of the easiest and most popular blind systems that we recommend for keeping your home cool is our range of Motorised Blinds. The particular advantage of motorised blinds during the heat is that they can be fully integrated with a shading system that will use temperature and weather sensors to ensure that your blinds are always in the right position to offer you optimal defence against overheating in your home. The added bonus is that they’re wire and cord free – so they’re ideal for homes with young children and pets.

All of our blinds, shutters and awning solutions have the added bonus that they will contribute to helping your homes stay warm in the Winter and colder months. By acting as an extra layer of insulation for windows and doors, they will help retain heat and reduce heat loss. One reflective Roller Blind can reduce the amount of heat lost through a window by up to 40% – which is especially essential if you have a heritage or older property where window glazing cannot be easily changed.

For more information on using blinds to keep cool, or for a free quote on your home blind needs, please get in touch and let us help you enjoy the summer in comfort!