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Bespoke Blinds are Our Passion

It is no secret that Tidmarsh are the blind experts – we have nearly 200 years of experience to prove it! Tidmarsh has been crafting bespoke blinds, curtains and home furnishings for more than 180 years, and we are committed to providing you with stunning solutions for every home, no matter your style or budget, or even the shape of your window.

iWe often have customers come to us with concerns that their oddly shaped windows can’t be shaded in an attractive and efficient way. To those customers we say – we love a challenge! As we only make bespoke blinds and window coverings, you can be sure that every product we fabricate is custom made to perfectly fit your needs, no matter the shape, size, or location. Our experienced and ingenuitive team of experts will listen to your needs, and recommend a product bespoke made to provide the perfect solution. With Tidmarsh, you really are in safe hands.

Bespoke Motorised Blinds Installation by Tidmarsh Blinds

An Ingenious Design

We wanted to share a particularly different blind installation that our team made and fitted recently, to show you that we really can make blinds that look stunning in any space. As the only Lutron Homeworks Dealer and Fabricator in the UK, we know the value of motorised blinds. Motorised and electric blinds give you the option of having beautiful blinds that will open and close at the touch of a button – without the need for unsightly wires. Our expert team installed a full kit to cover all three window spaces around the doors in both rooms, seamlessly working together to provide full coverage that can be controlled by a remote, an app, or even just your voice. The blinds open and close in unison, giving a beautiful conclusion to an awkwardly shaped space. Rather than hiding the technology away, we’ve made a stunning feature of the window coverings, giving a stylish solution that adds to the beautiful architecture of the space.

One of the most useful facilities of a Tidmarsh motorised blind is that they can be fitted in even the most awkward, hard to reach areas. Our advanced technology gives you total control over even the most hard to reach windows in your home – so these difficult to reach top windows, above the door, can be adjusted from anywhere in your home. Watch the videos below to see just how easy and stylish the operation is!

Bespoke Motorised Blinds Installation by Tidmarsh Blinds

Motorised Blinds

At Tidmarsh we are the forefront of technology, and we have a range of motorised blinds, to suit any budget and any space. Choose from our wide range of contemporary, traditional and modern fabrics including plains, patterns and blackout fabrics. We also have a vast range of fire-rated fabrics, suitable for all applications. Each product lends itself to different applications, and we are more than happy to recommend a motorised blind to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

Tidmarsh really are the blinds experts, so get in touch today to get a free quote for Motorised Blinds that will change your home.