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At Tidmarsh, as well as the traditional, handmade blinds that we’ve been making for nearly two hundred years, we now offer a range of electric and battery operated motorised blind and curtain systems. Available in a range of styles, systems, and controlled by either remote, app, or wall-mounted switch, what is a motorised blind and why should you be interested? Read on for more information on their functions, benefits, and why you may want one in your home.

How Do Motorised Blinds Work?

Motorised electric or battery operated blinds allow full control of blind height and operation via remote control or wall-mounted switch controls. Depending on the blind system, blinds can be operated from anywhere in the house, run to a timed schedule, or activated via change in weather, time of day, or temperature. They can even be integrated with a full Lutron home system for seamless control of light, sound and heating. The possibilities are endless!

What Are Motorised Blinds Used For?

Electric and battery operated blinds are use for a whole range of window types, door types, and rooms. Some of the more common occurrences of motorised blinds are in areas that are hard to reach, generally lantern windows, or Velux windows and blinds. The remote controlled systems allow you full control over the light without effort or difficulty. Some homes just like to have them for that extra bit of convenience, comfort and style.

Why Should I Buy a Motorised Blind?

There are many benefits to installing a modern motorised blind. For the highest convenience of lighting control, being able to alter the height, privacy and tilt of a window covering from the push of a button is unbeatable. It provides the ultimate level of comfort, you don’t even have to get out of bed in the morning to open your blinds! On top of this, it’s an impressive feature to have in your home, and a fun, stylish talking point when you have guests round.
Aside from the obvious benefits, motorised blinds also add value to your home and are a great option for any disabled guests not able to stand and reach to close blinds or curtains. Using schedules and timers built into many of the systems, automated opening and closing can provide extra security to your home when you’re out of town, as well as being a great alarm clock and allowing you to wake up with natural light. You’re also cutting down on the need for operating cords, which makes the blinds particularly child-safe and pet friendly. Tidmarsh offer a range of motorised blinds, available in both battery operated and electrically operated systems. There are many different styles to choose from, including our traditional roman blinds, roller blinds, and curtains, so you can still have the style of a traditional look with the ease of modern functionality. Get in touch with our team of experts today to find out more about our motorised blinds!