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At Tidmarsh Blinds, we fully support the Make It Safe campaign from the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) to promote window blind safety in all homes, public buildings and other environments where babies and young children may be present. When it comes to choosing blinds, we understand that making sure that they are safe for babies and children is of the utmost importance to parents. That’s why child safety is paramount in our approach to selling blinds.

Cordless Blinds

Whether you’re looking for new blinds, shutters or curtains, Tidmarsh offer a range of designs that work without traditional cords or chains. Cordless blinds eliminate the risk of children becoming tangled in chains or cords, while still providing the functionality that you’re looking for from your blinds

All of our blinds can be fitted with child safety devices to help eliminate hazards and prevent any accidents from occurring. This may be a design implement that ensures cords are safely tidied away, out of reach, or a built in feature that responds to unnecessary pressure, for example, a breakaway connector. We take child safety extremely seriously, and are more than happy to talk parents and guardians through the variety of safety accessories available.

Blind Safety Tips for Parents and Guardians

Despite best efforts, blind cords can still cause real harm to children and babies, as well as over-enthusiastic pets. There are some simple things that you can keep in mind when buying and installing blinds to help make sure your home is as safe as possible for your children.

  • Keep children’s beds away from windows
    By placing cots and beds away from windows, you drastically reduce the risk of accidental entanglement. Children are naturally inquisitive, so avoid placing anything climbable near a window.
  • Knot cords
    Always knot long cords rather than looping them, and make sure you trim down long cords so they don’t dangle within a child’s easy reach.
  • Consider cordless blinds
    Eliminate the risk of entanglement by eliminating cords, especially in children’s bedrooms and playrooms.
  • Tie up loose cords
    Always ensure that loose cords are clipped or wound away using a mount on the wall. This not only provides extra safety for young children playing nearby, but also looks much neater in your home.
  • Use breakaway and other child safety options
    At Tidmarsh we offer a range of products that will disconnect a cord if placed under unnecessary pressure. These can be fitted to most blinds and provide an extra level of safety and security to our products.

Whether you’re looking for new blinds, shutters or curtains, we can help you find a solution that is as child safe and secure as possible for your home. Get in touch with our experts today for more information.