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Roman Blinds are one of the most popular and fashionable styles of blind available today, and at Tidmarsh we’re proud to offer a range of roman blind styles and systems. But did you know that they’ve actually been around for more than two thousand years? Read on for a little more information about the history of the roman blind, one of our most recognised window coverings. Created in Rome (of course!) in ancient times, the blinds were invented out of necessity; for the sake of function, rather than fashion. Back in the days of the Roman Roads and the Colosseum, dust was constantly kicked up by horses and carts, straight into homes through uncovered windows. The natural solution for homeowners was to hang a damp cloth over the window, providing protection from both the dust and the heat of the Mediterranean sun, and keeping the home clean and cool.

What began as a necessity became more and more elaborate over time. We know from leftover Roman relics that home decoration was key to Roman life, and blinds were no exception to the rule. The damp cloth soon became an impressive furnishing, with various colours, patterns, and cloths providing a stylish homeware. The drawstring operation gradually evolved, allowing the user to lower and raise the permanent blind when required and providing total control over the amount of light and air allowed into a person’s home.

Two thousand years later, the basic design of the Roman Blind has barely changed; testament to the simple and effective style. At Tidmarsh, we have been hand-making traditional Roman blinds for over one hundred years. Our beautiful blinds are made to measure by our experienced seamstresses, and then hand finished to ensure they are of the highest quality.

At Tidmarsh we are constantly pushing for the evolution of traditional products and methods to stay at the forefront of technology. Our roman blinds are now available in electric operated systems; allowing you to have a traditional look with the modern comfort of remote control. We can custom make our Tidmarsh roman blinds in a vast range of fabrics and finishes, so you’re sure to find a material that will perfectly match your setting and room. Far from the damp cloths of the Roman Empire, we also offer a huge selection of detailing and trim, to truly make your blind bespoke.

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