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We are huge animal lovers at Tidmarsh – dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits – you name it, we’ve got them. You don’t love animals and work in window furnishings for as long as we have without finding out the ultimate fact – cats and blinds do not mix. It’s one of a huge number of odd things that most cat owners will find out, cats simply seem to hate blinds and curtains purely because they have the audacity to block their view of the outside world. As a result, cats will typically claw and bite at them until they can see out of the window. This makes for many entertaining YouTube videos, but it can be quite the headache for cat owners. This makes cat-proofing your blinds a key action to take. Luckily for you, Tidmarsh are here with some tips for how to do so quickly and easily.

Go Cordless
Blind cords can prove to be a huge temptation for a cat – a swinging piece of cord or rope is very similar to a game of string chase! The best way to keep them out of reach of cats is to not have them to begin with. Cords are old news, and with Tidmarsh, they’re unnecessary. We have a huge range of cordless blinds available, and with Tidmarsh technologies, you can even control your blinds from your mobile phone, watch, or tablet – or even at the sound of your voice.

Choose Cat Friendly Options
One strong choice for cat friendly blinds is Vertical Blinds. The functionality of these blinds will give you optimum light control but also allow your felines to slip in and out of window view without destroying your beautiful window treatments. Another option would be Roller Blinds – while they’re rolled up, they’re letting in as much light as possible while also keeping themselves out of your tabby’s way. At Tidmarsh, we have a huge range of both available, and like all our blinds, they’re bespoke made for your windows.

Use a Scented Deterrent
An easy and natural deterrent to use for your window coverings is anything citrus flavoured. Cats dislike orange and lemon scents, so introducing them around your blinds is a sure fire way to keep cats far away. This also has the benefit of making your home smell amazing – so it’s a win win!

We hope you’ve found this post useful, and please be rest assured that even if you have the most mischievous of kitties, our blind experts can help you find the perfect solution for you. Get in touch today to learn more about our wide range of blinds, bespoke made for you.