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Lutron roller blinds create the perfect light for any space or activity with a wide offering of sheer, dimming, and complete blackout fabrics. Choose a sheer material to maintain your beautiful views while diffusing UV sun rays that may damage furnishings. Dimming fabrics provide a little more privacy, while blackout materials are completely opaque to eliminate all daylight.

At Tidmarsh we offer a wide range of Lutron Roller Blinds, so whatever the look, feel or size that you’re looking for, there’s an electric roller blind to suit you. Lutron Roller Blinds are available in various different mounting options, so you have the choice of mounting your blinds inside or outside the window wells, or if it’s a Skylight blind that you’re looking for, they can even be recessed into the window well so that the frame is hidden.

Our Lutron Tensioned Blinds are the perfect solution for blinds for skylights and angled windows. The innovative design from Lutron keeps the fabric taut and parallel to the windows, with minimal sag at any angle. These Lutron blinds reduce light gaps around fabric, and optimise the view when the blinds are opened by eliminating chains or cables that may obscure the full view. The blinds can be surface mounted, inside mounted, or even recessed while still allowing easy access to change and update the fabric.

If you’re looking for something more modern and luxurious, our Lutron Triathlon Roller Blinds are a contemporary and stylish window treatment that combines superior functionality with a clean and elegant aesthetic. With a three to five year battery life as standard, you’ll enjoy years of operation without the need to worry about battery replacement – hassle-free maintenance! The stylish wire-free design also means that Lutron blinds are the perfect retrofit solution for any room. The wireless operation and functionality allows for control from anywhere in the room, or even further afield!

Electric Lutron Blinds offer real convenience; a single press of a button from a remote control or even a mobile app can set multiple blinds in motion, making it convenient to open and close hard-to-reach windows, all while reducing direct sun glare and increasing your privacy. They also offer a stylish solution to your window treatments, featuring the clean lines of a roller blind, but offering cord-free operation to make this a safe solution for homes with young children or pets.

We offer Lutron blinds in a wide range of colours, opacities, and textures, to give your room a modern feel that would enhance any decor, depending on what you’re looking for. Our Sheer fabrics are made from open weaves, preserving outside views and filtering the direct sunlight. This is an ideal option for rooms where you don’t need complete privacy. Our Translucent options are made using tighter weaves, transforming harsh daylight and UV rays into a soft, filtered glow. This offers increased privacy for spaces like bathrooms and toilets. Our Blackout blinds, made from entirely opaque fabrics, completely block light from entering the room. This makes Lutron Blackout Blinds the idea choice for darkening bedrooms to enhance sleep and privacy, and media rooms for the ultimate viewing experience.

Tidmarsh offer a wide range of stylish and functional Lutron Roller Blinds. If you’re looking for a window covering that eliminates glare and provides privacy, whilst offering convenient control at the touch of a button, Lutron Roller Blinds from Tidmarsh are ideal for you.