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Working from Home Tips from Tidmarsh

At Tidmarsh, we are still doing everything that we can to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible in this current crisis. Thanks to our cloud-based software, our office staff are able to work from home and are still available to you via email and phone. We’re doing what we can to keep safe and healthy, and in doing so have gained some real insights into working from home. We know that it isn’t easy for everyone, and after sharing some tips and tricks with you last week, we thought we’d share some more helpful tips we’ve found that are helping us be as productive as possible while remaining safe in this time.

Background Noise

Whether you’re working from your home by yourself, you’re surrounded by noisy family members, or you’re being interrupted by your neighbours mowing their lawn, it can be helpful to set up some background noise. We’re big fans of both A Soft Murmur and Noisli, which both offer free websites playing background noise that you can alter to your taste. We’ve found listening to rain and thunder very helpful for drowning out irritating neighbour noise, but there’s also the option for Coffee Shop background noises if that’s something that you’re used to, or if you’re missing the noise of other people. Both websites have suggestions for productive noises, or test everything to find your perfect mix.

Avoid Social Media

It can be really tempting while you’re not being watched by bosses to check into social media accounts during work, but with the current crisis we’re going through, this is often a bad idea. It’s detrimental to your productivity and with the current bad news out there, it can be bad for your mental health, too. Try signing out of all your accounts during your designated work time, or there are a number of browser extensions that will block access to these sites at times that you set. It’s also worth putting your phone on airplane mode if you’re not using it for work to minimise disturbances.

Set Boundaries

Whether you have a house full of people, or you’re self isolating, it can be hard to deal with interference from others when you’re trying to work. If you’re with your family, make sure you tell others if you have important calls or video meetings so they know to keep their distance. We know this is tricky when you have children, but try and block in times for productive alone time. If you’re constantly being contacted by family or friends that aren’t working, make sure you let them know your working hours. It’s important to stay in touch and maintain relationships throughout this strange time, but we can schedule video chats and phone calls for evenings and weekends, so they won’t interfere with productivity.

Make Lists

Especially at a time like this when you’re most likely out of our usual workspace, it’s really important to try and stay organised. We find the best way to keep on track of projects and tasks is to make a to-do list. We like to start our days by making a list of outstanding projects and jobs to do, and then break this down into reasonable and achievable goals. Being able to cross items off of the list when we’ve finished them is a great feeling of accomplishment and we’re all about the small wins at the moment! There are various apps and websites that offer digital to do lists, but we like traditional pen and paper.

Keep Comfortable

We know that this is a new experience for many people, and therefore you’re more than likely working from a makeshift workspace. Try and make yourself as comfortable as possible in this time, from a safe and healthy viewpoint. Sitting crosslegged on an armchair works for some people, but it’s not advisable from a health point of view. You can try to use cushions to replicate the back support of your office chair, while building a makeshift stand from books is a great way to elevate your monitor screen to a higher eye level. Make sure to keep taking your breaks, and in that time get up and walk around, stretching out your arms, back and shoulders. We hold tension in our bodies when we’re curled up working, so it’s important to release that whenever we can. A number of people are offering online Yoga classes that may also be useful for anyone who is struggling.

We hope you’ve found our tips useful. We’ll be back with more helpful advice to try and make this time a little easier for our customers and clients to deal with, and we’re hoping that you’re all staying safe and healthy. As always, we’re still contactable by phone and email so for any Tidmarsh queries please do get in touch.