Battery Operated Venetian Blinds

Tidmarsh is proud to offer the simplest and most flexible motorised Venetian blind system available. With a Somfy wire-free, handheld or wall mounted control unit, you can adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home with this advanced technology. From a single button press you can have total control over blinds installed into the most hard to reach areas.

A small Somfy battery is integrated within your blind to provide motorised raise and lower operation. Being battery powered means you do not have to connect your blinds to the mains supply, saving you energy and electricity bills. Timers and Sun sensors are just some of the accessories that can be integrated with your blinds to work on pre-set times of opening and closing the blinds.

Choices of fabric, size, control & drive to suit many applications

Integrated battery, wire-free unit

Adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home

Total control from a single button

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