The Perfect Blackout

Cassetted Blackout Roller Blinds are suitable for many rooms and uses. Ideally made for rooms where VDU and AV are in operation, they’re specifically designed to blackout rooms. They also provide excellent privacy to sensitive rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Taking up very little space inside a recess, the selected fabrics are then retained within either the button channel or zip channels. Cassetted Blackout Roller Blinds are also ideal for use by those that work at night – perfectly blacking out a bedroom from the morning light.

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Cassetted Blackout Blinds by Tidmarsh

Precision Manufactured

The head boxes, side, and bottom channels are all precision manufactured in aluminium, finished in white as standard. All box openings have a continuous nylon brush seal. The two standard head boxes available are 65mm x 74.3mm, and 85mm x 97.2mm. All head boxes are available with Electric operation, with options for either switch or remote control. The 65mm and 85mm head boxes used 240 volt motors.

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Any Operation

There are four controls options available: Crank, chain, spring and electric operations ideal for both head box sizes. The chain operation is standard operation, and is available either with direct drive or a geared-down drive for larger blinds. Spring operated blinds are fitted with a decelerator system, which allows the blind to roll up steadily once released. The speed can be adjusted to suit each application and the blinds can be fitted with a limit stop, which makes it possible to adjust the upper stop of the blinds.

Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

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