Control The Heat

At Tidmarsh we are proud to offer traditional Chain Lath blinds for external use. Chain lath blinds provide attractive shading, efficient temperature control and are especially suitable for conservatories and greenhouses.

Fitted externally, Chain lath blinds enable shade and temperature to be efficiently controlled, and also will provide in excess of 70% shading from outside the glass, which controls the heat inside to the same extent as 98% internal shading.

Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains
Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

Cool and Shady

The blinds create a cool and shady atmosphere by filtering sunlight during the summer or during the day, and can also be used to conserve heat at night or in the winter. This makes them especially suited for conservatories and greenhouses and they are frequently used by professional nurseries and horticultural institutes. Chain lath blinds minimise solar gain by reflecting heat before it passes through the glass and therefore reduce heat loss in cold conditions.

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