Adaptable and Able

Roller blinds are a basic commodity in the world of furnishing; ease of use and economy has made them a natural choice for many windows. Roller blinds are ideal for any window and skylight/roof light and conservatory windows.

They are popular for their adaptability and the ability for each blind to be tailored for a specific use – for example blackout and dim-out blinds – as well as for privacy, and for small investment roller blinds also offer the designer the opportunity to create a unique design feature.

Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains
Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains
Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

Of The Highest Quality

A good quality roller blind is a question of strength and balance to prevent the dreadful tugging and pulling that is often associated with roller blinds. The weight of the fabric and the width of the window must be balanced so the blind moves perfectly. This is due to the strength of the barrel and the tension of the spring. A range of standard aluminium barrels are available but in order to create the perfect degree of strength and tension Tidmarsh can design our own metal rollers. A helical spring of our own design and manufacture inside the barrel which is custom made to suit the needs of particular weights of fabric.

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