Electric Roller Blinds

Tidmarsh offer a wide range of electric roller blinds, with a number of benefits. Motorised blinds can operate more smoothly, plus you don’t need to be near the window or in the same room to operate your blinds as this can be done with the remote control; and that’s great for hard to reach windows. There are no operating cords, which is an added extra for child safety. Finally added security is always important when you’re away, so if you set a timer, your blinds will close automatically making it look like you’re still at home.

Having lots of blinds creates visual impact, but lots of handsets certainly doesn’t. Somfy handsets are available via Tidmarsh with up to 16 channels, so you can control all of your blinds from anywhere in the house. If you just have a single blind or an electric curtain track, then a single channel handset or wall switch will do just fine. Go a step further and fit a timer or temperature sensor and your blinds will open and close at certain times or if the weather changes, even when you’re not at home.


Choices of fabric, size, control & drive to suit many applications


Motorised blinds operate smoothly, via remote control or wall switch


Adjustable speeds and stops to suit all applications


Available with electric operation for switch or remote use

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