Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

Residential or Commercial

Reduce Heat and Glare

At Tidmarsh, we offer an array of external blinds. Our External Roller blinds are not only a significant way of reducing heat gain and glare, they can also be an attractive way of enhancing the architecture of the building, whether for residential or commercial use. Our External Roller blinds come with a choice of operating systems, Remote control, wall switch or integration into a home audio system such as Lutron. We offer a wide selection of fabrics and finishes that can enhance, complement or contrast with the building depending on your requirements.

Added security

Reducing Costs

These blinds are fitted externally to the building and require a motorized operation. The heat gain savings can be up to 90% as the heat is kept outside the building. This not only makes for a more comfortable building environment, but also reduces all the associated costs of keeping the temperature cool or insulating the building at night. There is also the consideration of added security to a building that an exterior blind can provide.

Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

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