Kirbé Vertical Curtain System

An Industry First – this entirely new type of window treatment smoothly pulls the curtain up and out of the way at the touch of a button.

Kirbé eliminates stackback – the mass of fabric left when a traditional curtain is opened, equating to approximately one-third of the total width of the drapery. The vertical uptake of the Kirbé system eliminates this issue, making it ideal for narrow windows or other areas that could not accommodate drapery in the past, and features a number of innovations that make rolling pleated fabric in a window treatment possible.

For floor-to-ceiling glass, the Kirbé can be recessed into the ceiling, leaving the top of the window unobstructed. It can provide a dramatic way to reveal the screen in a home cinema and was initially designed to clear door hardware, allowing French and Sliding doors to fully exploit their view.

Kirbé is currently offered with sheer fabrics from the Avant Collection, ranging from traditional neutrals to bold shimmering patterns. Optional roller 64 or roller 100 integrate seamlessly with the standard Kirbé brackets to allow for complete privacy and additional light blocking capability. Finish off the look with a decorative cornice from Lutron for a stylised finish with no need for a recessed pocket.

Range of sheer fabrics from traditional to bold offerings

Smooth, dramatic reveal with stylised finish

Many applications, from french and sliding doors to home cinema reveals

Vertical uptake at the touch of a button

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