Large Lutron Blinds

The Tidmarsh research and development team have designed a Lutron blind that can be made up to 6.5 meters wide. The strong 130mm or 160mm diameter tube has additional strengtheners inside which hold the Lutron motor, so they work seamlessly with the Lutron home automation system.

We have installed these blinds into both residential properties and commercial premises in and around London. The photograph is of a residential installation in Wokingham, the largest width blind was 5925mm wide x 3000mm drop.

The Blind would be mounted into a 254mm top box with flap to encase the blind. A great many properties are being built with seamless glass to enhance the wonderful views. Using large size roller blinds suits the minimalist clean lines a great many of the modern buildings are looking for.

Single Blind, Single Control

Minimalist, Clean Line Look

Eliminates the lights gaps between multiple blinds

Works seamlessly with Lutron home automation system

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