Grafik Eye

Grafik Eye QS is a powerful, customisable preset lighting control system that allows you to adjust lights and blinds for any task or activity. Grafik Eye QS helps you save energy, as well as meet the aesthetic, functional, or regulatory needs of any project or space.

What are the Benefits?

Energy saving and environmentally friendly

Reduce lighting energy use with built-in time clock, dimming and occupancy and daylight sensing.

Easy to design and integrate

Integrates with 3rd party devices for control of AV, HVAC and other building management systems. Connects directly to Sivoia® QS blinds, occupancy and daylight sensors, wallstations, and DALI compliant lighting.

Flexible and Expandable

Easily reconfigured to meet the changing needs of a space. Ability to add multiple components to grow the capabilities of the system, or add Quantum® for total light management of an entire building.

Easily reconfigured to meet changing needs of a space

Reduce lighting energy use with automatic dimming

Integrates with 3rd party devices for control of building management systems

Meets aesthetic, functional, regulatory needs of any space

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