Independent Control

Introducing Venetian Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment. Lutron Venetian Blinds provide independent control of blind height and slat angle, putting a new tilt on the timeless look of this traditional window covering.

Unmatched Versatility

Superior functionality is revolutionizing the category of automated horizontal blinds. Now you can have optimal privacy, while still preserving your view and controlling the amount of sunlight in a space. With one button press, you can change the amount or angle of light streaming into a room – for unmatched versatility any time of day.

Truly Bespoke

Complete Control

Lutron’s Venetian Blinds, come in many colours and styles, but we can offer a bespoke option. We can make your blind with any wood type and colour you would prefer, even painted baby pink or blue if required.

Lutron Venetian Blinds by Tidmarsh
Lutron Venetian Blinds by Tidmarsh

Whole Home Control

A Range of Options

Set your favourite blind height and tilt angle for the slats as a preset, and the blinds will automatically adjust to that height and tilt angle with the touch of a button. You can set several presets for different environments and conditions, giving you a range of options for the automatically adjusting blinds.

Intelligent Tilt Alignment

Precise Positioning

Venetian blind controls (keypads and remotes) feature buttons for adjusting slat tilt angle, so with one touch, you can precisely position the slats. Intelligent Tilt Alignment ensures that the slat angle between adjacent blinds remains with 1/16th of an inch of each other for a clean look. Venetian blinds are available for Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless systems.

Lutron Venetian Blinds by Tidmarsh

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