Patent Action Spring Roller Blinds

At Tidmarsh we are proud to offer a wide range of functional and reliable blinds. The Patent Action Spring Roller is probably the best system available, it is used whenever robust construction and reliability is required. The heart of the system is the spring upon which the function of the roller relies.

The system consists of a metal barrel which is fitted with nylon end blocks and contains a helical coil spring on a full width rod. The Patent stop action has solid pawls and a collar housed in the roller with a removable covering end plate.

Tidmarsh have supplied many Museums and historical houses with the Traditional Patent Action spring roller blind where historical authenticity is required. We also supply many blinds for the National Trust and English Heritage.

Flexible, functional, reliable

Available in a range of colours and finishes to complement your surroundings

Adjustable helical coil spring to suit all applications

Traditional patent action for historical authenticity

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