Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

Maximise natural light

Maximum Flexibility

Tidmarsh offers a range of Pull Up Roller blinds, designed to give you maximum flexibility. The Pull Up Roller blind is ideal if you require total coverage or only selective coverage, but without excluding natural light, for example a residential home or restaurant which is on a busy pavement or public area, overlooked by another area.

Ideal for any use

Maximum Light, Maximum Privacy

The blind is installed at the base of the window and is pulled upwards rather than by a downwards motion normally associated with roller blinds. This allows privacy or security to be given at the height required, therefore allowing natural light to enter the room from the top of the window. The blinds allow you to receive the maximum natural light into your room, with the maximum privacy that you require. The blinds can be adjusted to any height, ideal for any use or application.

Tidmarsh Bespoke Blinds and Curtains

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