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Recommended by the National Trust

A Traditional Design

The Cap and Rack spring Roller is a traditional design which has been used for many years. At Tidmarsh, we have provided many Cap and Rack blinds for the National Trust, English Heritage and various well-known museums and art galleries.

The system consists of a metal barrel which is fitted with nylon end blocks and contains a helical coil spring. The action has a polished brass cap (always mounted on the right-hand side of a normal roller blind) containing the rack and pawl level both in steel. The blind is drawn by pulling on the centre cord until the required position is reached, to raise the blind the side release cord is pulled allowing the spring to roll the blind up and stop when the cord can be released.

A wide range of specialist blind fabrics is available, in various colours, designs, and finishes. One of the most appropriate fabrics that we offer for the Traditional blinds is Scottish Holland which has a huge history to it. Some of the most notable selling points are that it is recommended by the National Trust and is also far more environmentally friendly than standard polyester fabric as it is 100% cotton.

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