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Alexa Integrated Blinds by Tidmarsh
Smart Home Blinds from Tidmarsh

With Tidmarsh, smart home blinds are an affordable luxury. Automated blinds give you the option of having beautiful blinds that will open and close at the touch of a button – without the need for unsightly wires.

Smart home blinds not only put the finishing touch to a room through style and design, they also bring with them a range of benefits. Smart home blinds can operate more smoothly, plus you don’t need to be near the window or in the same room to operate your blinds as this can be done with the remote control. With a wire-free, handheld or wall mounted control unit, you can adjust your smart home blinds from anywhere in your home with this advanced technology. With a single button press you have total control over blinds installed into the most hard to reach areas.

There are no operating cords with smart home blinds, which is an added extra for child safety. Finally, added security is always important when you’re away, so if you set a timer, your smart home blinds will close automatically making it look like you’re still at home.

At Tidmarsh we are the forefront of technology, and we have a range of smart home blinds. Choose from our wide range of contemporary, traditional and modern fabrics including plains, patterns and blackout fabrics. We also have a vast range of fire-rated fabrics, suitable for all applications. Each product lends itself to different applications, and we are more than happy to recommend a smart home blind to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

Please contact us with any questions or for a personalised quote for your needs.