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Tidmarsh Blinds offer a range of smart blinds, shades and awnings that will help you transform your home.

An affordable luxury, Tidmarsh can design, build and supply you with beautiful motorised blinds that will open and close at the touch of a button, the click of an app, or at the sound of your voice. As beautiful as they are functional, Tidmarsh offer a wide range of looks, styles and options, making them perfect for any window in your home.

Lutron Smart Blinds

The most popular choice for Smart Blinds comes as no surprise. Controllable via Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and now Google Assistant, Lutron offer a range of beautiful Smart Blinds. Tidmarsh are Lutron’s only Homeworks Dealer and Premier Fabricator, enabling us to offer you the complete solution for your home. We design and manufacture Lutron Triathlon Blinds right from our own warehouse, offering you the most fashionable, flexible and affordable motorised blind system available today. Triathlon Blinds are available from Tidmarsh in new roller blinds or insulating honeycomb blind styles. We offer a wide variety of beautiful colours, fabrics and textures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space.

Tidmarsh Lutron Triathlon Blinds can be raised or lowered by using your preferred app or Smart Home platform, or integrated seamlessly with a whole-home control system such as GrafikRA2® or HomeWorks® QS, giving you total home control wherever you are.

The Benefits of Smart Blinds

So why choose a Smart Blind? Not only putting the finishing touch to a room through style and design, smart, motorised and electric blinds bring with them a range of benefits and advantages.

Efficiency – Smart shades can help control the solar gain and heat loss that your home experiences naturally throughout the day simply by opening and closing at your programmed times. By integrating your Smart Blinds with other Smart Home technology, they can even learn when they need to open and close based on temperature and sunlight, maximising the energy efficiency of your home.

Child Safety – Smart Blinds remove the need for hanging cords and strings, making them comfortably child-safe and pet-friendly. By removing the need for choking and strangling hazards completely, we’ll give you total peace of mind. Smart blinds really are the safe and secure solution for the whole family.

Security & Privacy – Smart Blinds can give you added security comfort while you’re away at work or on holiday, by allowing you to either program opening and closing times yourself, or let the blinds open and shut with the sun.

Convenience – Our clients most favourite benefits of having smart blinds in their homes is probably just the sheer convenience. As part of the wave of home automation advancement, electric blinds allow you to automate a repetitive task that is key to your home comfort. Adjust all your window treatments at the touch of a button, whether you’re at home or away. They’re also great if you’ve made yourself comfy and simply can’t be bothered to move – we’ve all been there.

At Tidmarsh we are the forefront of technology, and we have a range of motorised and battery operated blinds. Choose from our wide range of contemporary, traditional and modern fabrics including plains, patterns and blackout fabrics. We also have a vast range of fire-rated fabrics, suitable for all applications. Each product lends itself to different applications, and we are more than happy to recommend a motorised blind to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

Tidmarsh really are the blinds experts, so get in touch today to get a free quote for Electric Blinds that will change your home.