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It’s Spring Cleaning time! Spring has arrived, and that means it’s time to start cleaning, organising and purging. As the warmer weathers start coming in, it’s a great time to go through our homes, our belongings, our workspaces and even ourselves to set a more positive and lighter precedent for Summer and the rest of the year.

It’s time for part three of our Spring Cleaning blogs! Today we’re looking at some ways to clean, refresh and revitalise your working spaces, to increase your productivity and overall happiness.

Start Small

Before you start cleaning, take a good look around. Is your desk a mess? Are your bookshelves overloaded? Are there file boxes stacked up behind the door? The best way to tackle any mess is to break it down into sections. Start with one area and work in small sections at a time.

Prioritise Paperwork

As paperless as you may want your office to be, it’s nearly impossible. Files, notepads, memos – these things pile up with ease. Make room on a bookshelf or cabinet for file boxes or paper trays. Separate papers by type such as “to file” and “to do.”

Organise Your Desk

Your desk should hold your absolute most important items, such as a computer, phone, notepad, and pen. If your desk has drawers, those drawers should hold your most important or most current paperwork. The important part is to keep all of your most relevant or used items within arm’s reach.

Keep Your Supplies Handy

Post-it notes, staples, paper clips – everyone’s desk is full of them. Empty out that junk drawer, gather the pens that are scattered across your desk, and create a designated drawer or bin to organize office supplies. Don’t use your stapler every day? Put it in a drawer. Is your desk calendar on a page from three months ago? Throw it out. Use your desk to hold the items that you really need.

Declutter Digitally

Digital clutter is as frustrating to deal with as physical clutter. Clean out your inbox. Read, reply, and delete emails you no longer need. Remove unused desktop icons on your computer by filing documents away into folders. The less icons on your screen, the easier it will be to find the ones you’re looking for.

Keep It Going

The best thing you can do to keep your office clean and tidy is to keep up with the mess. If you can get in the habit of filing and storing items where they belong, you may never have to do a major spring clean again.

Cleaning and refreshing your office and desk area is the perfect way to increase your productivity, improve your clarity, and keep stress at bay! Make sure you keep an eye on our blog for more tips and hints.