Suzanne Brewer Architects

When Suzanne Brewer Architects approached us to make and install 15 Electrically Operated External Venetian Blinds and a Cedar Brie Soleil to her private residence in Blackheath in London, it was January 2013.

We worked with her on the design and style of the Electrically Operated External Venetian blinds throughout the year whilst her building was taking shape. Once all the detail was decided we set about cutting western red cedar into 80mm slats and coating them for external use and then adding a warm rich rosewood colour, before mounting them into an aluminium top rail with stainless steel guide wires and aluminium bottom bar all powder coated to match the window surrounds.

The Brie Soleil was made from the same rosewood coloured cedar and cut at 25mm thick, we designed and fabricated the metal cups for each piece of wood to sit into and be secured with stainless steel fixings. All 15 blinds and 15 sections of the Brie Soleil were installed in June 2014.

Our External Venetian blinds are not only a significant way of reducing heat gain and glare, they can also be an attractive way of enhancing the architecture of the building whether for residential or commercial use.

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