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We’ve all heard of a spring clean, but when autumn comes around, it’s just as good of a reason to declutter and tidy up. Being surrounded by clutter and mess is scientifically proven to negatively affect your health, and unsurprisingly, cleaning can actually be good for you. Autumn is actually the best time for decluttering and tidying; we’re building up to winter, which will hopefully involve lots of snuggling up indoors with blankets and Netflix. Nobody can relax properly in a messy home, so let’s start preparing now so we can spend more time enjoying our homes than tidying it in the colder months.

Minimalism has been a popular style of living and decorating for a few years now; there’s a plethora of books, articles, and even entire companies built around the idea of downsizing and decluttering. There’s obviously something there! Having too much clutter can create mental and emotional stress; having a hectic and messy space will make you feel distracted and messy, too. Cleaning and decluttering our living spaces is a great way to declutter our emotional selves, helping us to focus on the important things in life. It’s also scientifically proven that having a tidy, clean and clutter-free space means that we sleep better and are more rested – so it’s a win-win!

Today we’ve got 10 top tips for decluttering your home.

  1. Start Small – it’s very easy to take on too much and get overwhelmed. Take it slowly, choose one room, then one area of the room, starting with one shelf or one drawer. Once that’s organised, move onto the next – don’t try and tackle your whole home in one go!
  2. Think Seasonally – you’re not going to need your paddling pool or BBQ for a few months, so save a bit of space by packing them away. If you have a garage or shed, you can free up some room on your patio and garden by safely storing these away.
  3. Think Comfortably – you’re also not going to need your summer clothes for a little while, so pack away your bikinis and sun hats and bring out your woolly layers. It’ll be much easier wrapping up warm in the winter when you’re not pushing aside swimsuits and shorts to get to your jumpers.
  4. Check Your Coats – there’s nothing worse than getting ready to face a cold, wet day and realising that your coat doesn’t fit. Go through your cupboard or closet and check what still fits, what’s still in style, and what’s still in good condition. If it doesn’t fit, think about donating it to charity or giving it to a friend – or even selling it for an extra decluttering bonus.
  5. Check Expiry Dates – go through the store cupboards in your kitchen or pantry and check for out of date or close to expiry foods, tins, and cans. Bring anything nearing expiry to the front, and throw out of date food away. There’s no point taking up space with out of date goods that you’re never going to use.
  6. Don’t Miss the Bathroom – the same goes for the bathrooms; throw away anything that’s expired or past its use-by date. Cleaning products, toiletries and even make-up do have expiry dates, so make sure you check everything.
  7. Make it a Family Affair – if you’re living with a partner or children, get them to tackle their own spaces. Encourage kids to put aside toys and clothes they’ve grown out of to give to younger relatives or donate to charity.
  8. Bag it Up – Vacuum bags are a wonderful way to store clothes, duvets, blankets, and even soft toys. Shrink them down to size and store them safely under your bed, in the loft, or above your wardrobe.
  9. Clean your Window Dressings – Often overlooked, cleaning and refreshing your curtains and blinds makes a huge amount of difference to the comfort of your home. If you’re utilising double sided blinds to embrace the sunshine and insulate the cold, it’s time to turn them around. If you were cold last Autumn and Winter, get in touch to find out how we can help you stay warm in the cold months with blinds and curtains.
  10. Open the Windows – The best way to get rid of a feeling of mess is to open your windows. It’s amazing how much better a bit of fresh air can make you feel, and how quickly your home will start to feel lighter and more homely.

Try not to see it as overwhelming – it can be as simple as setting 10 minutes aside every night to tackle small areas at a time. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get done and how much better you’ll feel for having a clean, clutter free home. Then all that’s left is to put your feet up, relax, and get cosy!