The Island of Hydra – Electrically Operated Pull Up Roller Blind Installation

Client: Private
Product: Electrically Operated Pull Up Roller Blind

The Island of Hydra is one of the saronic islands of Greece located in the Aegean Sea with an area of only 28 square miles.

When our fitters left England to travel to Hydra, the journey took them to Athens and then they had to travel by ferry boat for 3 hours across to the island.

No cars are allowed on Hydra so the only mode of transport is by Donkey, bicycle or foot, so when our blinds arrived at the port they had the get the local donkey to carry the tools and blinds up to the residence.

We were asked to supply electrically operated pull up roller blinds and fly screens to an exclusive residence on the island, the vast windows which we covered with our Scottish Holland fabric were around 4.5 metres high.

At the time of installation the weather hit a scorching 40 degrees C.