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The Ultimate Guide to Choose The Right Blind by Tidmarsh
The Ultimate Guide to Choose The Right Blind by Tidmarsh

As we already covered in part one of our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Blind, whether you’re looking for more privacy, a decorative statement, or simply a way to add more shade to the room, choosing the right blind can be an overwhelming task. And that’s where Tidmarsh come in. Tidmarsh offer a huge range of different types of blinds and window coverings, and we know it can be difficult to make a decision on which blind to buy. When you’re ready, our specialists can talk through your individual requirements to ensure that we build and deliver you the perfect blinds for your needs.

Each and every type of blind looks different, provides a slightly alternate function, brings a new style, and provides functionality in different ways. As the blind experts, in our blog today we’ll be looking at some of the different types of blind available and suitable applications for each type, to help you decide which design might be right for you. Remember, all of our blinds are bespoke made for your individual requirements, and our experienced team are always available to talk you through your needs so you get the best from your product.

There is so much choice when it comes to your blinds and window coverings; styles, motorisation, colours, materials, textures. When you’re choosing the right blind, we’ve covered the initial questions you’ll need to take into consideration. Today we’re looking at the next steps.

Your Blind System

It’s important to make sure that the blind you buy is the one that’s right for you. In part one, we covered various questions that you need to ask yourself to decide on a window covering. One of the most pressing is, are you looking for a motorised blind or a traditional system? Once you’ve decided if you’d like a window covering system that can be motorised or traditional, we can decide on the style and material of blind that will work with this system. For example, if you’d like a full home automation system, we will recommend a Lutron integration for your home. Our newest Lutron innovation, the Palladiom Shading System, offers a patented technology that can synchronise all of your blinds throughout your entire home may be something that you’d be interested in.

If you’re looking for a motorised blind, but you’re not ready to build a full home system, we offer bespoke electric and battery operated blinds for almost any size window or door. Our motorised blinds give you the option for beautiful blinds that will open and close at the touch of a button – so you have no unsightly wires or cables.

If you’d like to go for a more traditional system, perhaps a chain operated roller blind, you can be rest assured that we’re the blind experts and our two hundred years of experience will ensure you have a bespoke blind that suits all of your needs.

However, if you’re looking for a traditional blind style that works with a modern, electric or battery operated system, we can also make that for you! A traditional, classic and luxurious style Roman Blind that can be installed anywhere without wires or chains, and controlled completely from your iPhone or Alexa – the ultimate in convenience and style. Tidmarsh really can offer it all.

Your Blind Choice

Next, we have the ultimate question – what style blind would you like? As we’ve covered, not every style is suitable for every system, or every room, so there are some things to be taken into consideration.

Which room is the blind going into? Do you already have a decoration theme for the room, or do you have any key items of furniture that you’d like to match your blinds to? Do you want to make a feature of the window covering, or blend into the room? For example, our Disney and Marvel character blinds are a great choice for a child’s room, while our sleek and stylish Lutron blind systems are a fantastic choice for a modern lounge. Are there several windows is one room that need to coherently match? All of these questions are important to answer so that you can choose the right blind for you and your home.

Roman Blinds are a classic and extremely stylish choice. They can be made with a huge choice of materials and fabrics, so we can match them to your decor or make them to stand out. A heavy, rich fabric can give a luxurious and expensive look, and the blinds can be mounted on traditional, pull system frames, or on motorised headrails for the ultimate in style and function. Roman Blinds make a fantastic choice for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and anywhere you’d like to make a feature of your window.

Roller Blinds are perhaps the most popular style of blind; their ease of use and the ability to alter the style, function and look to any scenario makes them a natural choice for many windows. Roller Blinds are particularly suitable for living rooms, home offices, playrooms, and anywhere you need basic privacy as well as the ability to diffuse the light. Roller Blinds can come in a huge range of colours, fabrics and designs, and remember Tidmarsh bespoke build all of our blinds, so we can make something absolutely perfect for your space. We offer a huge range of roller blinds with different operations and styles, from Manual Spring OperatedChain Operated and Pull Up Roller Blinds, to Cassetted BlackoutElectric and Battery Operated Roller Blinds. We also offer Perfect Fit Roller Blinds, developed to fit with ease and without the use of tools, as well as Velux Roller Blinds, which come in both manual and electric forms.

Vertical Blinds are a practical yet very stylish choice, suitable for use in both residential and commercial properties. The blinds can be drawn across the window with the louvers tilted to allow natural daylight through but reducing the glare and heat gain, at the same time offering privacy without having to draw the blinds completely.

Venetian Blinds are a classic and stylish choice. Tidmarsh offer a wide array of Venetian blinds, in different colours, materials and sizes, for different applications. Venetian blinds, with slats manufactured from aluminium alloys coated with polyester-based paint, combine high functional efficiency with strong aesthetic appeal and are available in a wide range of colours, with colour co-ordinated rails braid and cords. The mechanism allows complete control of the amount of light in the room, depending on the tilt of the shades. With the ability to lift and lower the blind, the blinds are fully adjustable depending on your needs and environment, so it’s no surprise they’re one of the most popular blinds worldwide. This makes them suitable for any room, and basically any function.

Your Blind Benefits

As we’ve mentioned, blinds bring with them different advantages and benefits, but depending on what you’re looking to get out of your blinds, different styles and functions will be more suitable for your needs. Some considerations that you should mention when discussing your blind needs with our experts are:

  • Extra insulation for your home – especially if you have an older house with less insulated windows and doors.
  • Safety considerations – especially for rooms where young children or pets will be.
  • Budget considerations – our blind experts will ensure that your bespoke blinds can be tailored to your budget.

Choosing the Right Blind

We hope you’ve enjoyed the second instalment in our ultimate guide to choosing the right blind in 2019. As we can see, when you’re buying a blind, there are many factors to take into considerations. You can rest assured that with Tidmarsh you’re in the right hands. We’re always available to answer any questions you have, and recommend you the right product that will give you the solution to your needs. When you’re ready, our specialists can talk through your individual requirements to ensure that we build and deliver you the perfect blinds for your needs – make sure you get in touch for a free, bespoke quote.