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It’s time for part two of our Spring Cleaning blogs! As the warmer weathers start coming in, it’s a great time to go through our homes, our belongings, our workspaces and even ourselves to set a more positive and lighter precedent for Summer and the rest of the year.

Now that you’ve read a few tips to help you make the most of your time to give your home a fresh start for Spring, let’s move onto a more important subject – sleep!

Sleep is key to a healthy, happy and productive life, yet at least one in three of us suffers from sleep problems. Poor sleep is linked to a number of physical problems such as a weakened immune system, as well as mental health problems like depression and anxiety. One way to avoid this and give yourself the best chance at a quality night of sleep is to spring clean your bedroom, using the following steps.


A cluttered, busy room can cause a cluttered mind, keeping you up in restless sleep. Many sleep experts believe that to get the best sleep, you should just use your bedroom for sleeping – so anything other than a bed is surplus to requirement! For the most relaxing sleep environment, clear out your clutter and store items in their own spaces, out of sight.

Make sure you don’t neglect under your bed! Whether you have under bed storage or just have a lazy habit of storing random junk under there, it’s a good idea to re-assess and declutter to prevent items piling up. Stop the hoarding where you sleep!

Embrace the Dark

Keep yourself in a healthy sleep cycle by ensuring your bedroom is as dark as possible. This could mean investing in quality blinds and curtains, especially if you work a night shift career, to block out streetlights, cars or ambient light. Tidmarsh can advise you on a range of blinds and curtains designed specifically the blackout light and help you maintain quality sleep.

This also means turning off screens like your mobile phone and tablet an hour before bed. Screens emit a blue light that triggers your brain to stay active and alert, delaying sleep and decreasing sleep quality once you’re actually asleep.

Get Some Fresh Air

Fresh air can do wonders for the comfort of your bedroom. Nothing helps you breathe deeper and sleep better than having a fresh air fill your lungs. Take advantage of the fresh, Spring weather and open up any windows and doors in your room.

Replace old pillows and mattresses

Old, misshaped pillows and mattresses aren’t just less comfortable, they’re actually less supportive than new options, and that can harm your quality of sleep.

A typical mattress has a lifespan of about 7 years, so if you’re sleeping on a mattress older than that, maybe evaluate if it’s really meeting your needs; a good mattress should be firm enough to support you without feeling too hard or causing pressure points on your body. If you wake up with back or neck pain, consider replacing your mattress or pillows.

Clean your Window Dressings

Whether you have traditional, heavy curtains or a modern, motorized blind, it’s essential to keep them clean. We will be detailing a full guide to cleaning blinds and windows later in this series of blogs, so stay tuned!

Make Your Bed

Finally, making your bed every morning is worth the extra effort. Not only are you accomplishing your first task of the day straight after leaving the bed, which increases your productivity for the rest of the day, it can also reduce your stress levels, make your room look instantly cleaner and desirable, and help you make other good habits. Make your bed!

Make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance at a quality night of sleep, as it really is more important than most of us realize. Spring Cleaning is a great time to set a more positive and lighter precedent for Summer and the rest of the year.

Be sure to check back next week and throughout the coming month for more Spring Cleaning tips and tricks. Next up – Spring Clean your Desk!