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At Tidmarsh, we already knew that Blinds and Curtains are a great way to keep your home looking great and feeling cool, but now research undertaken by the London South Bank University has proven that internal and external blinds can significantly reduce the temperature of your home.

During the study, they discovered that External Blinds could reduce the temperature of a room by between 11˚c and 18˚c, and Internal Blinds by between 9˚c and 13˚c. In the incredible heat that we’ve had so far this Summer, this is a huge way to make a home more comfortable. The study estimated that up to 20% of homes in the UK are suffering from overheating; make sure that yours isn’t one of them! Effective solar shading will improve your health and wellbeing, while also reducing the energy usage of other cooling systems like fans or air conditioning.

Solar Shading by blinds, shutters or awnings has been proven to increase your comfort, health, wellbeing and productivity. The right solution for your windows and doors will maximise natural daylight, reduce glare and filter daylight, and reduce overheating. This is all while using less energy and producing less running costs, thereby giving you the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. According to a study by Cambridge University, an electric fan left running overnight uses enough energy to power a laptop computer for an entire year; blinds and shutters are an investment that will provide cost reducing solutions for years to come.

One of the most popular products that we have to offer at Tidmarsh are our motorised blinds and shutters. They can be fully integrated with a Lutron shading system that will use temperature and weather sensors to ensure that your blinds are always in the right and correct position, offering you and your home maximum defence against overheating. Our Motorised Blinds also offer you the added protection of being wire and cord free – so they’re ideal for homes with young children.

All of our Blinds, Shutters and Awning solutions have the added bonus of helping to keep your homes warm in the Winter, too. Acting as an extra layer of insulation for windows and doors, they will help retain heat and reduce heat loss. A reflective Roller Blind can reduce the amount of heat lost through a window by 40% – which is especially good news if you have a heritage property where window glazing cannot be easily changed.

For more information on Using Blinds to Keep Cool, or for your free quote for your home, please feel free to contact us, and let us help you enjoy the summer in comfort.