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Roller blinds are one of the most versatile members of the blind family, and being very easy to use and one of the most economical options for window dressings means they’re a natural choice for many windows. In fact, roller blinds are ideal for use for any window, skylight, or conservatory window. One of the best features of the roller blind is the ability to tailor each blind for a specific use – for example, blackout blinds or dim-out blinds, as well the easy of use and great privacy effects. For a small investment, roller blinds can create a unique design feature or pull the look of a room together, or fade into the background – it’s entirely up to you.

What type of roller blind should I buy?

At Tidmarsh, we offer a wide range of roller blinds in various styles, functionalities and purpose. Depending on your needs and windows, we can give advice on the right blind for you. Here is a brief run down of the various products we have to offer, to help you decide.

Remember, all our blinds are bespoke made for your individual requirements, and we’re always here to talk you through your needs so you get the best from your product.

Chain Operated Roller Blinds

One of the most popular choices, a chain operated blind is a basic commodity in the world of furnishing. A good quality roller blind is a question of strength and balance – to prevent the dreadful tugging and pulling that is often associated with roller blinds. The weight of the fabric and the width of the window must be balanced so that the blind moves perfectly when operated. A range of standard aluminium barrels are available for use, and in order to create the perfect degree of strength and tension, at Tidmarsh we concentrate on attention to detail that ensures that you get the perfect operation from your blinds.

Benefits: Like other roller blinds, chain operated roller blinds are adaptable and tailorable for specific uses. Available in a huge variety of colours, fabrics and sizes, they are a stylish way to create a unique design feature. Extremely adjustable, and therefore suitable for any window, skylight or conservatory window, chain operated roller blinds are the natural choice for a small investment.

Spring Operated Roller Blinds

Providing peace of mind for parents of small children and pet owners, Tidmarsh offers a range of spring operated roller blinds. Made with no long looped cords or pulls, the blinds prevent any choking hazard involved with a corded blind, providing child safety at an affordable price. Spring operated roller blinds are the perfect blinds for children’s bedrooms and nurseries, as well as for homes with pets that like to play with long cords. The blinds are available in a huge range of fabrics, consisting of plain colours, patterns and blackout fabric, with a centre pull cord as standard. Tidmarsh spring operated roller blinds are available in various barrel sizes, 32mm, 40mm, 45mm, with the weighted bottom bar available in a choice of three styles: wooden, plastic wrapped or aluminium.

Benefits: No long cords or pulls, spring operated roller blinds are the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom. Available in a huge variety of size, fabric, barrel size and bottom bar style, the blinds are flexible and stylish enough to match any décor and room. Fully adjustable, spring operated roller blinds can provide any amount of shade and coverage required, making them a great choice for any room.

Pull Up Roller Blinds

Tidmarsh offers a range of pull up roller blinds, which are designed to give the user maximum flexibility. The pull up roller blind is ideal if you require total coverage or only selective coverage, but without excluding natural light. An ideal example would be a residential home or restaurant which is on a busy pavement or public space, overlooked by another area. The pull up roller blinds would give privacy and coverage, but still allow light into the room. The blinds are installed at the base of the window, and are pulled upwards rather than in the downwards motion normally associated with roller blinds. This allows privacy and security to be given at the height required, while still allowing natural light to enter the room from the top of the window. The main impact of pull up roller blinds is to allow you to receive the maximum natural light into your room, with the maximum privacy that you require. The blinds can easy be adjusted to any height, making them ideal for any use or application.

Benefits: Pull up roller blinds offer total or selective coverage ability, flexible to your needs and requirements. Available in a range of colours, sizes and finishes, the blinds are adjustable to maximise your natural light, with your maximum privacy. Pull up roller blinds are the ideal way to protect your privacy without shutting out the light.

Cassetted Blackout Roller Blinds

Tidmarsh offers a range of cassetted blackout roller blind systems to suit many applications and functions. Mainly used to blackout rooms, the blinds are ideal for any space where VDU and AV are regularly in operation. The head boxes, side, and bottom channels are all precision manufactured in aluminium, and finished in white as standard. There are three control options available: crank, chain, and electric. The chain operated is standard operation for a roller blind, while the electric operation cassetted blackout roller blinds can be adjusted to suit any application in terms of speed and limit stop, making it possible to adjust the upper stop of the blinds. Run on a 240 volt motor, electric operation blinds are available with either switch or remote control operation.

Benefits: cassetted blackout roller blinds are ideal for rooms that require complete blackout, especially in the case of VDU or AV use. Featuring a clean and stylish finish, all cassetted boxes and channels are precision manufactured in aluminium. Complete with adjustable speeds and stops to suit any application, the blinds are available in manual and electric operations, which can be controlled via switch or remote, for ultimate accessibility.

Battery Operated Roller Blinds

Tidmarsh has the simplest and most flexible motorised roller blind system available to you. With a Somfy wire-free, handheld or wall mounted control unit, you can adjust your blinds from anywhere in your home. With a single button press, you have total control over blinds installed into the most hard to reach areas. A small Somfy battery pack is integrated within your blind to provide motorised raise and lower operation. Timers and Sun sensors are just some of the accessories that can be integrated with your battery operated blinds to fully automate the opening and closing operations, for your comfort and ease. Choose from our wide range of contemporary, traditional and modern fabrics, including plains, patterns, and blackout cloths. Battery operated roller blinds are the more energy efficient alternative to an electric blind, meaning you don’t have to connect your blinds to your mains supply and therefore saving you money on your energy bills.

Benefits: Battery operated roller blinds are a simple, flexible automated blind system that allow you to control your light from anywhere in your home. The lack of cord loops or chains means that they are incredibly child safe. A stylish solution, they’ve available in a wide range of contemporary, traditional, and modern fabrics, and are integrable with timers and sun sensors for automatic opening and closing.

Electric Roller Blinds

Tidmarsh offers a wide range of electric roller blinds, with a number of benefits and advantages. An automated, motorised blind can operate more smoothly than a traditional pull blind, creating a sleeker look and effect. The Tidmarsh electric roller blinds allow you to control your blinds from anywhere in the house; you don’t need to be near the window to operate them, which is great for hard to reach windows. There are no operating cords, which is an added extra for child safety. Finally, added security is always important when you’re away; Tidmarsh electric roller blinds are fully functional to work via timers, so even when you’re not there, your blinds will close automatically, giving the illusion that you’re still at home. Having lots of blinds creates visual impact, but lots of handsets doesn’t. Tidmarsh offer electric blind handsets with up to 16 channels, so you can control all of your blinds from anywhere in the house. Also available are temperature and light sensors, meaning your blinds are fully automated to close or open depending on the weather and time of day. Fully optimised for your needs, Tidmarsh electric roller blinds are the ideal solution for ultimate comfort.
Benefits: Available in a wide range of fabric, size, control and drive, electric roller blinds are fully adjustable and customisable to suit any application. Motorised blinds operate smoothly and efficiently, providing a sense of class and comfort, plus the added benefits of security and child safety.

So What Roller Blind is Right for Me?

To work out which roller blind is right for you, our specialists can talk through your individual requirements to ensure that we deliver you the perfect products for your needs. We will take into account what you’re looking for in terms of light coverage, privacy, and operating systems, as well as the placement and budget for your coverings, before providing you with a quote for the products that will best suit you. Get in touch today with our expert team, who can talk you through these points, answer any questions you have, and recommend you the right product that will give you the solution to your needs.