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Working from Home Tips from Tidmarsh

At Tidmarsh, we are doing everything that we can to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible in this current crisis. This means that currently, thanks to our cloud-based software, our office staff are able to work from home and are still available to you via email and phone. We’re doing what we can to keep safe and healthy, and in doing so have gained some real insights into working from home. We know that it isn’t easy for everyone, and some days it can be a real challenge, so we thought we’d share some tips and tricks with you today to help you deal with the “new normal” while we’re under lockdown.

Keep to a Routine

Where possible, it can be really beneficial to set yourself a consistent routine for your work day. Waking up at the same time you normally would and getting ready for the day as usual will help your mind get ready for work. This could include getting showered, getting dressed, putting on makeup, however you would normally get ready for your day. Make sure that you schedule in time for your breakfast, lunch and regular breaks throughout the day. This will help you focus on your tasks and also give you something to look forward to!

Take Regular Breaks

It’s so important to ensure that you’re taking regular breaks throughout the day, as you would if you were in your office or at your place of work. You can schedule these in and set timers to remind you. Especially if you work on a computer, giving yourself regular breaks away from your screen monitor will help ease your eyes and prevent eye strain, and keep you refreshed and productive. Use your breaks to get a drink, use the bathroom, pet your dog, eat a snack – anything you think will give you a bit of calm and respite.

Keep Hydrated

We know that when you’re stuck into work, it can be difficult to remember to keep drinking – especially when your colleagues aren’t there to do the tea round! It’s really important to keep hydrated to keep you healthy and help with your concentration and focus. Whether it’s a milky tea in your favourite mug or a refreshing glass of cold water, make sure you’re keeping up with your thirst.

Make Your Own Workspace

One of the most productive tips that we’ve found to be helpful is to carve out your own work area. We know that a lot of you are at home with your families, and perhaps don’t have a lot of space to spare, so this could be as easy as your dining table or even your seat on the sofa. It’s really helpful to have a designated area that you use solely for work or business – your brain will automatically lean into work mode when you’re seated there, and it will help you to relax in the rest of your home when you’re finished for the day.

Designate Work Hours

If you would normally work 9am to 5pm, make sure you stick to working those hours at home. It can be easy to get carried away working or feel guilty when you’re relaxing in the evenings, but it’s important for your mental health to stick to the hours that you’re used to. This also means you’re contactable by your colleagues during the normal period you would be, which can be essential if you’re working as part of a team or you have clients that may be trying to contact you.

We hope you’ve found some of these tips useful. We’ll be back with more helpful advice to try and make this time a little easier for you to deal with, and we’re hoping that you’re all staying safe and healthy. As always, we’re still contactable by phone and email so for any Tidmarsh queries please do get in touch.